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  • Howard,

    What is going on in the Android forum?? The mods there seem to be routinely ignoring SPAM alerts routinely. This is truly sad. To be precise, I have been reporting a particular post in there since Feb 2, 2012 and yet it still remains. At least half of the posts there were from the OP bumping his own thread.
    Hi Howard

    I have created my new account and want to change my Avtar picture but never find any option under "Edit Avtar" settings.

    Could you please let me know how to do that?

    Howard! How do I flash my Epic 4G Touch from Sprint over to Boost Mobile without spending $100. I just cancelled my Sprint Account cause I can't see paying$110 a month for sevice.
    Howard I have a Epci 4G touch and I wish to know how to flash it over to boost without haveing to pay $100. My phone is currently off from Sprint.
    hi howard i just had a question. how come i cannot post my phone on marketplace. i understadn that i just created my account but i just got an iphone 4s for fido and can't use it cause i need it for rogers. this phone is burning a hole in my pocket so how can i post on marketplace to see if maybe someone will want to trade or buy?
    Just wanted to thank you for building the best cellphone related site on the web. My loved ones and I have been helped countless times by the info found in your forums.
    hi! just want to know if there is an option for samsung corby 2 unit to actiate qwerty keypad
    I think it's great how many users post on here asking Howard for help. I don't think he has all of your answers, but lucky you... you found his phone forum! Just search in the proper categories or make a post if you don't find what you are looking for. Answers are out there, but you won't find them here.
    iam new and I am trying to find wher eI can make a post on the forums I am looking for a new cell ph contract and well so far I see that Wind is the best right now I am in alberta.. please advise me. how to ask the people.
    Hello! My first time - just wanted to know if there was a separate section for Canada or British Columbia? I have
    questions regarding the service providers. Thankx new here. I have a Sprint LG Lotus I would like to switch over to boost. I do not have a boost account currently. Please, any advice would be great! Where do I post to to borrow an ESN number? Thanks in advance :)
    my new LG800g has roaming wherever i go from my local area. unless it's 5 miles away.. and it won't let me get onto the web.... it will say check data restrictions-36 how do i get roaming off
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