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  • My cell number with VM is 678-464-4291 and my account was suspended. I do not know what happened, this is a prepaid service. I bought 2 top up cards and tried to yop up and it will not let me. I was given the chargeback@virginmobileusa.com and was informed to go through this website. What is going on?

    Wasn't sure where to post this at.. but i have a sprint lg rumor 2 on boost mobile unlimited plan.and everything works besides my email. It was working then a few days ago it just stopped and now says service disabled you are not currently approved for email service. please contact sprint. Can you help? or tell me where to find the info to fix it at? Thanks
    Well, thanks for putting Straight Talk thread out of it's misery. I was getting loopy from lack of sleep. It seems not having a phone for emergencies gets to me. With Cellular Companies, you never get what you pay for but that the biz.

    Anyway, it made it to scumreport.com I have never seen a large corporation last more that two weeks and last week a big company groveled within 6 hours.

    Here's the proof when I entered my number to the balance app on their page.

    Check Balance / Service End Date REMAINING BALANCE
    Here are the details of your remaining balance:
    Service End Date:

    This is the balance and end date checker for your Walmart Straight Talk Phone; As you can see Trac Phone, Walmart, and Straight Talk backed out on an agreement we had to not sue for two years free service. It doesn't look that great on paper does it. You did not honor your agreement and therefore are liable for suit.
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