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    Inactive devices removed?

    I had a similar experience last October. I tried reactivating an unlocked TF iPhone SE 2020 with it's original TF Verizon SIM. The inactive iPhone was still in my account. The SIM had been inactive about 20 months. The rep said the SIM had been inactive too long to be reactivated and had me use...
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    Adding an active phone to a TF website account?

    Actually, I won it in a trade show raffle in 2016 before Verizon started locking phones. It was brand new, I flashed it with US unlocked firmware. I've never used it on the Verizon network, only on T-Mobile and AT&T MVNOs. The IMEI passes the Verizon and US Mobile IMEI checkers.
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    Are these no-name brand phones decent

    There's the Oppo Reno8 Pro which is sold in Europe for around $350. But it has a 6.7" screen and a Mediatek SOC so this is not that.
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    Are these no-name brand phones decent

    Looks too good to be true. Other unlocked 5G phones cost at least $125. Claims to have a Qualcomm 888+ which is a flagship SOC used in phones costing $500 or more. It's also unlikely to be compatible with or whitelisted for the Verizon network.
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    Adding an active phone to a TF website account?

    I still have one line active on TF AT&T. I tried to switch the phone to a TF Verizon SIM in 2022 but Tracfone claimed the phone (a Verizon Samsung S7) wasn't compatible with Verizon, LOL. Since then I've just been adding airtime with points or Target PINs using the TF website. I plan on porting...
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    Another Week, Another Target Airtime Deal

    Tomorrow 5/26 - Saturday 6/1 at Target Buy one prepaid airtime card or PIN get a 10% off a second one.
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    Currently trying out Vegolink SIM Pro - an international data roaming service

    The majority of "review" sites on the web rely on affiliate links for revenue and many of them recomend the products that pay the highest commissions. Word of month from social media, including here on HoFo, is far more trustworthy.
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    If Pageplus goes "poof" one day-- what's the quickest path to having my phone up and running again?

    There have been a couple of instances where a MVNO shut down on very short notice and customer who were caught unaware lost their numbers. In 2016 T-Mobile MVNO PTel shut down on 15 days notice. I believe notice was given by email only and some users lost their numbers. See...
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    $10 T-Mobile Connect Plan is Gone

    It looks like T-Mobile has silently killed their $10/month 1 GB, 1000 minutes, 1000 texts plan. It was on 4 days ago, but now it's gone.
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    Can't edit my posts?

    Has the ability to edit ones own posts been removed? I noticed a typo in a reply post,, I made yesterday, went the edit it and noticed the edit option was missing.
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    Forum search is broken

    All searches are failing with: connection to localhost:9312 failed (errno=111, msg=Connection refused)
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    Tracfone Moto G pure battery life

    On my Pixel 3XL if I go to Settings > Display > Lock screen and disable Double-line clock I get a small digital clock with the date below it. Motos, like Pixels, typically use near-vanilla Android so you might have the same option.
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    Prepaid Compare Now Shows Which Plans Have Deprioritized Data

    I've updated my prepaid plan comparison site (link is in my signature) with a checkbox that lets you hide plans with always deprioritized data. I've also updated the Operator Profile pages and the Plan details popups that appear when you click a row in the table of plans with a Data Priority...
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    DENT Wireless free 5GB eSIM Limited Time Promotion

    Thanks again. I don't have the wheel on my Earn tab or a referral code on my Data tab. I've disabled my ad blocker, cleared the Dent app's data and cache and uninstalled and reinstalled the app and still no wheel or referral code
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    Google voice problems

    Google Voice lets you choose whether calls go over carrier voice or VoIP. Here's a screenshot showing the option in Google Voice settings:
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    New Twigby Plans

    Verizon MVNO Twigby has updated its plans. All plans now include unlimited talk and text. $10 no data, was $13 $15 1GB, was $19 $20 4GB, was 3GB $25 7GB, was 5GB $30 10GB, was $35 $40 20GB, new All plans except the no data plan include unlimited MMS and unlimited slow data after the initial high...
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    No more grandfathering?

    A reader messaged me that they got a text from Cricket Wireless saying that their legacy 5 lines for $100 plan was increasing to $130 effective July 15. Is grandfathering dead on Cricket?
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    Prepaid Plan Comparison Site Updated

    I've made a small update to my Prepaid Compare Plan Finder (link in my sig). Here's what's changed: * Added a "Data only plans" dropdown that lets you chose to include, exclude or hide data only plans from search results. * Removed all Sprint network plans because the Sprint network is...
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    Airvoice has been sold

    Airvoice Wireless has been sold to HTH Communications which also owns the Lifeline MVNOs Cintex, SFone, StandUp Wireless and New Phone Wireless as well as the MVNE PWG.
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    act fast (before March 1st) if you want ATT or T-Mobile based tracfone

    NWIDA's information comes from a screenshot of a page on Tracfone's dealer portal. It dos not include the full message. Here's the rest: It looks likes only sales of AT&T and TracFone SIMs to Tracfone dealers ends March 1. Dealers have until June 30 to activate those SIMs. Hopefully, that...