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    Anyone get the 15 Pro Max yet?

    Old tooic, but I passed on the 15 and am waiting for the 16 Pro Max later this year.
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    AT&T AT&T 5G/5G+ Speed Test Thread!

    Any speed tests for new Ipad Pro 2024 which doesn’t have band 46 or Mmwave? I am wondering how speeds will be on AT&T Prepaid.
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    Buh 'bye DISH ?

    Viasat will deploy additional satellites including replacement for the failed satellite. Who knows how long that will take.
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    Buh 'bye DISH ?

    Wireless services work really bad for aviation and there will be less customers on Gogo so no added spectrum needed. They are losing a ton of business on the commercial airlines which were the biggest users of bandwidth. Commercial airlines needed coverage in a large number of towers due to...
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    Buh 'bye DISH ?

    Airlines are moving away from Gogo and Satellite is taking over that works on existing phones. Regular phones can work with this spectrum which is from the existing wireless carriers. Gogo will not be getting additional spectrum as planes are being retrofitted to convert from Gogo to Viasat...
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    Buh 'bye DISH ?

    Their markers are less developed countries and territories. I haven’t used their services myself. They do have a large volume of customers especially in the Mexican market with Telcel. If American Movil becomes the acquirer I just feel it will go in the direction of a lower quality service...
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    Buh 'bye DISH ?

    Yes. Same ownership. Verizon just acquired the MVNO division such as Tracfone. They actually own spectrum and wireless networks outside of mainland USA including Puerto Rico. So American Movil would be a formidable company as the fourth US Wireless provider for more price sensitive customers...
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    Buh 'bye DISH ?

    They don’t have experience building out national mobile wireless networks. They run some Wifi and lease wireless spectrum and so you use their wifi or the leased spectrum. Their ownership would not lead to revenue as who would build out the acquired spectrum for them? Google would have a hard...
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    Buh 'bye DISH ?

    No that won’t boost revenue because you wouldn’t have been a user otherwise and you needed to do something to get the free service. Boost needed subscriber counts as they couldn’t do anything else to bring in more lucrative revenue as they have to pay others for coverage. Possible suitors...
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    Keep Losing Internet Connection

    These issues sound like software in the phones and not hardware itself but newer devices are more current on their updates. I had the same issue on an Ipad mini 4 where airplane mode would fix disconnections on AT&T Prepaid. The device could have been upgraded via software to fix the issue but...
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    Mmwave and LTE band 46

    X75 has been around for awhile now. X80 didn’t make it in time for release. But the Iphone 15 had the X70 so I don’t know what they used yet. NYC has put 5G deployment on hold from what I read. I am presuming this is Mmwave thst was put on hold. The Airplane issue had to do with mid band...
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    Which iPhones are still made ? Iphone 12 ? 13 ?

    Apple uses Just in Time inventory. They only produce the models sold new on the website in that geographical region. Wireless retailers maintain their own inventory allocations. They discount the unsold devices in their inventory. As for Apple store excess inventory, some will get recycled...
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    Convert to Esim and Transfer

    I have an old Apple tablet physical nano sim and need to get it to a new Esim only tablet. I happen to have an Iphone 13 which will work with the physical sim and the convert to esim option appears on the device. And then I should be able to transfer esim directly to the new tablet from the...
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    Question about AT&T signal in Brooklyn and Manhattan

    Every carrier varies in coverage and speeds in different locations. Try coverage out first before committing to a non refundable contract.
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    Buh 'bye DISH ?

    The FCC won’t allow the spectrum to be acquired by other competing carriers. They want another national competitor which is why they let T-Mobile and Sprint merge to begin with. There are loads of wireless entities around the globe with wireless experience which could step in after bankruptcy...
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    Bad deals for new Ipad 2024 Pro

    AT&T posted a $100 off in bill credits for a new Ipad 2024 Pro with a 36 month contract and 35 activation fee with new line required. Apple Store sells them unlocked without contract or activation required. The AT&T offer isn’t even competitive.
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    Mmwave and LTE band 46

    New Ipad Pro are missing Mmwave and LTE Band 46. Will this lower speeds in areas like NYC? I don’t know which Qualcomm modem is on this device.
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    Super slow speeds in NYC

    Speeds have dropped in my area dramatically and Im lucky to get a few Mbps on 5G now. Is this due to serious congestion? Off peak when no one uses it I’ve seen up to 300Mbps downloads. Now I can barely get speed on my plan during regular hours. Verizon DID install a dedicated fiber optics...
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    Apple in store tradein questions

    The chat specialists won’r answer or acknowledge the in store trade in policies. I have heard some say each store has different policies. If I buy a new iphone, and want to trade in for credit to my initial payment method, can I do so with a 14 day time period? And does it have to be the same...
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    Chat specialists for sales are awful

    I’m surprised Apple employs workers for Chat specialist sales who are incapable of doing anything and with poor knowledge levels of their products and sales/inventory management. All they know how to do is redirect you to prewritten scripts or content. I asked a few questions about trade in...