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Dec 5, 2014
I work at a Indirect retailer. I had one of the old ANR200UNLPW plans. It was one with unlimited HSPA+ data. Anyways I gave it up because I switched to a newer plan that my coworker showed me that was similiar but had unlimited LTE.....turns out that it wasnt true he just didnt "notice" the overages. I realize I might be screwed for going back. But does anyone know how/if I could go back. Every attempt I have made has not worked. Talking to rep, CSR's, escalating to ANR team through account notes.

If anyone proves helpful in getting this back for me I would love to send $40 to them for the help.

Thanks in advance.
Hey there, I too work in the indirect agent field as well. What device are we talking about? Is your SIM card very old? Some people where I work have had a similar issue and have had their SIM swapped out.

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Hi I work with ATT too as well and I asked for my old phone number from sprint to be ported but when my new phone got here today, they just gave me another temp number, does anyone know how I would port my number? The and website has no way of contacting them I need help

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