ANR to IMO conversion


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Aug 14, 2005
Anyone previously on an ANR account that is being converted to an IMO offer? I am currently in a situation where I had/have an ANR username/password, but never had any lines on the ANR account. I am elidgeable for an IMO offer, but I cannot create a new IMO account because of the old ANR access. Supposedly all account have been converted already, but mine hasn't. My rep and her higher ups have no answers, and they IMO team just says in an ANR team problem and the ANR team says "that's odd, can't do anything." Anyone have any contacts that might be able to help?
I was on an ANR account that was converted to an IMO account. My only issues are the lack of an automatic FAN (with ANR it was right off the plan, with IMO it comes off as a FAN, which takes 2 billing cycles to add to the account) & the inability to add lines/upgrade at any retail channel, which cost me 2 free TV's through a BBY promotion when I was forced to go to an AT&T store.