any REAL world experiences w/ iridium go!?

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May 22, 2005
any thoughts on how good/bad voice is w/ iridium go using the app? i'm thinking of this since the plans give you more, but i'm wondering how bad the "VOIP" aspect is.... i've seen regular iridium phones lose connection a lot when the satellites move, so i'm wondering whether i should really try to contend w/ another link in the chain that can fail...
Parameters of your needs, limits & budget?
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budget - $2000 for device - plan - up to $60/m for service - won't use it often but want it just in case - a sat phone saved our lives when were were trekking in patagonia...

not interested in inmarsat since we will be doing antartica in a few months
From what I know it's rather slow, @2400bps and meant for sending small emails and other light tasks.
The latency is bad because of the delay from satellite to land and back.
As far as I know the only provider that works at the poles is Iridium.
Enjoy your trip and bring warm clothes. ;)
well i wasn't too impressed w/ iridium 9555 in patagonia; kept losing signal during the rain when calling for help; but it did save our lives even though i had to call multiple times; makes me think iridium go will be worse due to the additional step of using the app to convert voice to data for iridium go!....?
It was more likely due to the thick trees, I had a simular problem with Inmarsat while going through the forest of southern Oregon on a moving train.
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