Bell TBay transfer?


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Feb 28, 2004
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Hi folks,

I'm in a jam. After updating my Nexus 6P with the latest OTA 7.1, it boot looped and the warranty repair Center (Futuretel) won't fix it under warranty. Ive had an expensive fall with a few unexpected charges and can't afford to buy a new device outright and Bell won't renew my current plan.

Okay, so I have the Bell Thunderbay plan. My thought is to sell it and then sign up for a corporate plan through my wife's work. Hopefully the sale will cover the cost of buying a replacement subsidized unit. I think the pixel 32GB is $200.

So my question for you folks is, will Bell allow a takeover of a month to month Thunder Bay plan?

When my friend called in to cancel a TBay plan Bell first offer was its a great plan transfer it to a family member or friend
Been with tbay plan for over 3.5 years now, tried numerous time to get a upgrade and never happened.

Has any one found a way to upgrade the phone keeping the plan same.