Finally, a G-Shock Smartwatch

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Jul 6, 2002
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Well, that only took five years... As soon as I received my custom-made Nixon Mission back in 2016 two realizations immediately came to mind:

1. I have a thing for ruggedized watches;
2. What I really wanted was a G-Shock running Wear OS.

Fast-forward to this morning when yours truly spots this beast on G-Central—it's apparently the GSW-H1000, and not an April Fool's joke. They grabbed the image from Casio's German G-Shock portal but I can't seem to find it; there's also evidence of a prototype in a post from last December. Here's what we know about specs:

As expected, the GSW-H1000-1 runs Wear OS by Google and has an optical heart rate monitor. Like the Casio Pro Trek smartwatches, it has a dual-layer touchscreen made of mineral glass, with a color screen (320×300) and a power-saving monochrome screen. The GSW-H1000-1 has a resin case and band, and like all G-Shock watches, it is shock-resistant and water-resistant to 200 meters.

It's expected to retail for $699 USD when made official in May or June of this year. That's quite a bit more than than $199 CAD I paid for my current Garmin Instinct (on sale), but I wouldn't hesitate for a second to add this to my collection of Pro-Trek smartwatches. And yes, I have all of them!

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