Frienzy: Travel with Friends

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May 25, 2018
Frienzy lets you easily plan, organize, and capture moments with shared itineraries. Enjoy real-time location sharing, shared photo album, and expenses tracker.

Are you looking for a travel companion app to make group trip planning super easy?

Frienzy is your ultimate group travel companion! It is the best app to help you organize activities, make amazing memories with friends, share expenses in your group, create a photo album to remember all your adventures, chat with your group to stay updated, and share live locations during your trips to keep everyone safe.

+ Plan and organize trips easily

+ Split bills easily to share expenses in your group

+ Share the live location during trips to ensure safety

+ Build excitement and make your trips unforgettable

+ Create a photo album together and chat with your group

Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway, exploring a new destination with friends, planning an event with colleagues, or celebrating a wedding, Frienzy has got you covered! It helps you simplify the journey and build excitement for your upcoming adventure, from planning to creating lasting memories.

Why Frienzy?

Frienzy lets you easily plan your group travel and build lasting memories with collaborative features. You can coordinate and organize plans, share updates with your friends, and stay connected with them no matter where you are!

Key Features of Frienzy: Your Ultimate Group Travel Companion:

+ An intuitive user interface

+ Easily organize group activities

+ Split bills and share costs within the group

+ Discuss plans and share updates throughout the journey

+ Chat with the group members to ensure everyone is on the same page

+ Improves the safety of all members with a live location map for real-time tracking

+ Create a shared photo album to remember and preserve memories from every adventure

+ It comes with an event countdown timer that lets you create excitement with a countdown timer for the upcoming adventure.

Frienzy comes with global compatibility that works everywhere, whether you want to explore vibrant cities or serene landscapes around the world.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Frienzy now to make group travel and event planning super easy. Enjoy it with exciting features like the expense tracker, location sharing, chat, countdown timer, shared photo album, etc.

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