Globalstar Unlimited $65

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Looks like a good deal, but their coverage is far from world wide.
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Interesting. I wonder what call charges are incurred besides "airtime".
Yeah, globalstar doesn’t have satellite interconnects so they only provide service where the constellation is in view of a ground station.

Allegedly there’s a $50 activation fee and that’s it.
they had a $50 activation fee for their prepaid service, probably what killed it.
if only iridium had an unlimited plan.
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Price is now the same but they'll give you the older GSP-1600 (which was the globalstar launch phone in 1999). If you want the newer GSP-1700 you have to pay full freight ($200/mo unlimited).

Guess they got a lot of takers.
who wants a 22 year old phone? it's a crappy model anyways.
ebay has plenty of used phones if you don't want to pay for a new one, prices fluxuate.
I bought motorola 9575 for @$700 and have a plan with iridium thats 200 minutes a month for $100 (taxes are @$13 a month),; $1.25 a minute over 200.