Google Fi For Caribbean Cruise?

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Oct 4, 2004
My wife and I will be going on a another cruise this winter. Our ports of call are:

Amber Cove (Dominican Republic)

San Juan (Puerto Rico)

Saint Maarten

Since Puerto Rico is a United States Territory, that really leaves the Dominican Republic and Saint Maarten.

Will Google Fi work well in both of those places?

From what I am seeing on their website, Dominican Republic is good to go, but Saint Maarten only works on the Dutch side.

Have there been many other significant changes with Google Fi international coverage in the past three years?

Will I need a Google Fi smartphone? I am currently using a Google Pixel 6.
I would compare the cellular networks/bands in your phone and at the destinations. I do suggest that you put the phone into airplane mode while on the ship though. Using the shipboard communications can get very expensive for voice/data/Wi-Fi unless you prepay the cruise line ahead of time. Encourage your friends and family not to call you unless absolutely necessary.

I am traveling on a Carnaval cruise myself next week to the Bahamas and I will place my phone in airplane mode for the entire trip to avoid roaming charges.
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So long as you are domestic users before and after, and only overseas for a week or two, no problem.

They have been cracking down on people just signing up for international roaming, cutting off data after say over a month

depending how long you were a loyal domestic user, in proportion to usage overseas.

Sometimes terminating the whole account.