H20 90 day LTE Pay As You Go Plan

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Jul 26, 2017
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I just ordered the plan & SIM from the H20 website and this is how it breaks down (for anyone who hasn't bought one before):

10.00 for the plan
1.57 taxes & fees
1.75 recovery fee
13.32 total

Recovery fee:
A recovery fee is charged by H20 Wireless to assist in recovering costs incurred for compliance with federal and state programs, taxes, and administrative fees. To find out more, please visit the terms & conditions.

Taxes: This includes any and all federal, state, county, city, and/or district regulatory fees that you are responsible for based on your zip code.

I opted out on autopay, otherwise the bill would have been $9 instead of $10 for the plan.

The shipping by USPS First Class is free with estimated travel time of 3-5 business days. There are other shipping options.

I buy the plan from H20 Wireless website, but usually refill via Pinzoo. There I pay 10.48 for a 90 day PIN.

This SIM is for testing an AT&T Moto G Play.

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That plan period, that price, great! Any troubles about reliability or support? Any good help when you need it or something falter? I would be interested what you find through the first service period.

The only thing that compares is Page Plus Cellular with their 120-day plans. We might see that terminate in a couple of years.
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How much TTD do you get for that?

Who you asking of which? You could look at the H2O Wireless site but finding the actual plan he uses is a little tricky.

If asked to me, for PPC, no specific allotments of TT&D, but you find useful information this page: https://www.pagepluscellular.com/plans/10-standard-pin/

Really good if you just want to have more than enough for Talk and Text, but are not interested in Data.
Talk minutes are 5¢, SMS texts are 5¢ each, MMS 10¢, but data is 10¢/mb.

Each time you make or answer a call or send/receive a text, the amount is deducted from the balance and after the call is completed, you receive a balance update.

If you only need occasional data use, it can be a good deal. If you need lots of data, not so good.

I have an online account but can much more quickly check the balance by calling the service number. It's *777# on the dial pad.

You can add more funds as you need them and the service end date extends. The balance rolls over if you add funds before expiration date.

30 days grace if you forget to add funds by the 90 day expiry date. If you add funds, it may save your tel# but like with AT&T, you lose your balance.

I've used H20 in AT&T branded/locked phones since 2020. They should be on AT&T's whitelist or the system may detect it and the SIM will go out of service.

I get excellent 5 bar signal here. I've had no trouble with service. I've rarely had to call customer service for anything.

Customer service is probably about the same as any other low budget MVNO, hit or miss, but H20 is worth a try for $10 if AT&T signal is good in your area.

I have read complaints about service issues like autopay problems (search the H20 forum if interested) but I pay for PINs through Pinzoo, I don't use autopay.

Pinzoo delivers the funds to my phone. I've had issues with buying airtime directly from H20 website, it's why I don't use it for that anymore. Their system rejected my debit but pinzoo lets me pay with debit or PayPal.

It may also be cheaper to buy airtime from Pinzoo. It was 10.47 last refill for the 90 day $10 amount. The fee is small and they award a few points on each refill.

I used to refill at Callingmart but they started saying they couldn't fill H20 orders so I switched.

I think the customer care email is customercare@h20wireless.com but I haven't contacted them in a long while.

If anyone wants to check the plan, here's the link to H20/Paygo:


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I've had the same service for several years. Even built up a large balance. The 10c / mb for data is a little high. Also requiring an ATT whitelisted phone is a nuisance. Can't just resurrect an old phone out of a drawer and use it. I started using it with an Motorola flip phone, and when it became oblolete, they sent me a replacement.
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Got the H20 SIM kit today and activated it in my spare AT&T Alcatel 4052R flip.

The phone works but can't open contacts. It just keeps saying it's loading but never does.

Hard to memorize every number I might want to dial, and the other option is to write the most used numbers on the notepad.

I will probably put the SIM in my unlocked Moto E (the factory version appears to be whitelisted, but the TF unlocked one isn't AFAIK).

I won't test it in my new 2023 AT&T Play until the 90 day plan is getting within a few weeks of expiration. That way if the phone wasn't scanned properly, and the SIM goes out of service, it will only be a couple of weeks until it would have expired anyway.

Activation is fairly quick. For requesting a new number, go to H20's activation page and select new number. When you get to the text field for entering the ActFast code or kit SIM #, you enter one or the other.

I entered the 10 digit ActFast code as shown on the card (### ### ####) and it was rejected. When I removed the spaces (##########) it was accepted.

There was a few minutes delay and then the phone activated with the new number. I was able to text & call.

The info I got with the kit says the APN should be:

PROFILE NAME: H20 Wireless
APN: RESELLER (all caps)
MMSC: http://mmsc.mobile.att.net
MMS PROXY: proxy.mobile.att.net
MCC: 310
MNC: 410
Authentication type: None
APN protocol: IPV4
APN TYPE: default,mms,supl (no spaces between each character)

Porting a number is more involved. It says not to cancel your previous service until port-in completes. You need your account name and number, billing address, and PIN or password.

I'm going to try to set up my Moto E to swap the SIM. Usually no trouble with that. I really wanted to run the SIM in a flip but no extra whitelisted ones right now.

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I just swapped the new SIM into the Moto E xt2052-1. That is the whitelisted factory unlocked version.

It seems to be working ok. As soon as I booted it, H20 showed, full 5 bar signal.

Something I Iike about updating H20 balance using a smartphone is that I can save it to messages. On my flip when the balance updates it doesn't give a save option.

*777# is what I dial on the keypad to update balance, but it does it automatically if I send a text or make a call.

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I mentioned earlier in the thread that I have two AT&T Alcatel 4052R smart flips, one active on H20 since 2021, the other used to activate the new SIM.

The contacts wouldn't load on the 2nd flip. I did a hard factory reset on it and it deleted all my settings, contacts, etc, but the contacts load now. Of course, I had to reinstall them.

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Sorry for how long most of my posts are.

I just wanted to say, I swapped the H20 SIM from the unlocked Moto E to the AT&T 2023 Moto Play I got online from Walmart.

It is still in service so far, so it must have been properly scanned before they shipped it.

I think improperly scanned phones MIGHT be dependent on what store or warehouse it ships from. So far (knock on wood) orders placed here from Walmart have delivered ones that have been scanned.

I did have a Best Buy purchased phone go out of service overnight the day after activation, and suspect it wasn't scanned properly.

I am going to try to keep the 2023 Play on H20 for 6 months and see if it can be unlocked.

Even if it can't be, the SIM can be used for testing other AT&T phones to see if they've been properly scanned.

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This "improperly scanned" scenario is very rare now, hardly worth worrying about IMO.

When buying in person at a B&M store, you can get a CS manager to verify
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This "improperly scanned" scenario is very rare now, hardly worth worrying about IMO.

When buying in person at a B&M store, you can get a CS manager to verify
I see so many reviews on Walmart website for phones that complain about activation problems due to being improperly scanned, that I am wary of putting an already activated SIM card in one (if like H20 phones, it allows whitelisted phones to swap SIMs).

Also would not like activating a phone with a goodly sum of airtime, only to have the SIM go out of service. Some service providers may allow the service to be moved to a phone that has been previously used, but others don't recognize the airtime once lost.

I did save the balance on a Straight Talk phone rebranded to TracFone. It went out of service overnight, so I went into my TF account and transfered the service to a previously used TF. I got the Fiesta 2 online from Best Buy and fairly sure it was improperly scanned, but it was way past date for returns.

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