HTC Sync working on Nexus One?

I think the only ones that claimed it worked is running some modified firmware (possibly based on the HTC Desire). So at this point I think I will give up and look for MyPhoneExplorer. Their website mentioned sync over Bluetooth but I think it refers to some other platform. I have not seen it being confirmed anywhere else.
Update. MyPhoneExplorer does Sync over BT. In fact, it is easier than Sync over USB because it would require me to download a ADB driver for the Nexus One which I had no idea of where the official one is. It didn't work over BT for the first time so I use Wi-Fi sync. I didn't go back and find out what went wrong.

The only issue I noticed is I suspect it might be affecting my existing outlook appt. I had two occasions that my recurring appt reminder pops up and instead of due in a few minutes, it says I am late for 7 days. I can live with that.