New Visible pay by the year plans

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Feb 15, 2005
Samsung Galaxy S10e
Have to say, the new Pay By the Year plans will give Mint a run for the money. The $275 plan gives you a year of unlimited data, hot spot, and calls to Canada and Mexico on VZW's 5G network. Taxes and fees are included in the price. Same plan on Mint costs you $360 plus taxes and fees for a similar plan but they limit hotspot to 10GB.
The $395 Visible Plus yearly gives you 50GB of premium data, AND SmartWatch service included. Taxes and fees included.

It's clear Visible has set their sights on T-Mobile/MINT to get their MINT customers away. $275 a year for unlimited data and calls is around $23 a month to be on Verizon's network.
We love Visible for the truly unlimited data, files downloading, just brought over 180GB down for my son last night

but it is 100% unsuitable as a mobile daily driver for us due to unusable depri slowdowns during congestion, many hours many times per week.

I mean I "can imagine" scenarios where some types would want to sign up for a full year, but I would definitely suggest they try it for many month-to-month cycles testing first.

But for myself, I hate this stupid trend, negates the whole point of staying on month to month, the FREEDOM to switch to new providers, promotions, test different networks / prioritizations

especially if the places you go changes over time.

It's worth paying more for that freedom.

Also don't get subsidized phones that require more than a month or two to get unlocked, better pay upfront instead without obligation.
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Mint has three month, six and year long plans. If T-Mobile has good coverage, it may be a better option if one doesn't want to pay up front for a year. I personally like the concept: no surprise games with the bill, if they try to jack it up, just don't renew and port out to another MVNO or "full service" provider. I don't play carrier financing games and buy my own equipment, factory unlocked.