T-Mobile Nexus One won't accept AT&T prepaid SIM, but Vibrant will.


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Nov 29, 2006
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Hi all,

I have a really odd issue with my Nexus One. It won't allow me to use prepaid SIM cards. I know that the Nexus is unlocked, however, when I insert an AT&T prepaid SIM it won't let me select a network, nor will it automatically select a network. It gives me "Emergency calls only" and says theres an error when searching for a network, and won't let me make calls. All the SIMs ive tried have money on them, and everything works fine when I put it in my unlocked Vibrant.

I already have had the N1 exchanged.
it sounds like at&t is filtering the prepay system by IMEI and not allowing the n1 on the prepay network
If that's the case, then that sucks :( there are times when I need the prepaid sim. Any idea why they might be filtering it, even though there used to be an AT&T Nexus? and why wouldnt they filter the Vibrant?
I had Pharos Traveler 137 and nokia 5230 work fine with ATT GoPhone data even with Option 452.
I just put a AT&T sim (gophone card -prepaid) in Nexus one, it works fine
Hmm...that's odd. Neither of my nexuses allowed it...I got a replacement, and have tried multiple sims. it still gives me "Emergency calls only"
do they have different versions Nexus one ?
I recall when you purchase from google.com. the first, they let you chose carrier before your purchase.
I chose t-mobile
The carrier choice was just to get a phone with the correct 3g bands. It has nothing to do with a lock
I've used my Nexus One with T-Mobile's bands on prepaid AT&T since I bought it last January. Could you have one of the prepaid AT&T SIMS that are locked to the first phone in which they were used? Check the AT&T GoPhone forum. For some reason, AT&T was locking the SIMs for some period of time.