T-Mobile No 3G?


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May 30, 2004
Google Nexus One
Just got the N1 today. I have the $10 plan and is using APN internet2.voicestream.com I can surf net ect.. but it's only on EDGE.
Any ideas how to get 3G working?
What carrier are you using and are you sure you bought the right model?

What is the PB991## number under the barcode under the battery.

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Under the battery I see
P/N: 99HKE002-01

I'm on Tmobile and have the $10 plan, just to add I just got this phone and haven't left the house.:D
Not sure maybe this area just don't have 3G?
I'm talking about the FCC number under the bar code. It should say PB99100 or PB99110.

If you are in Houston, you should 3G with Tmo since it's a big city. Also, maybe it could be the plan
Would a SIM card make any different? I don't think it does but to throw it out there
my SIM is like 10 years old, it's from the VoiceStream era.:D
Ok that # is for tmo 3g. I would go to tmo to ask them for another sim card for your number. Not sure if this will happen, but make sure you don't mention the type of phone you have incase they try to upgrade you to the higher $ plan.

If this doesn't work, maybe it is the plan. But since I don't have tmo, I am not sure if they operate like ATT.
Thanks for the response, will try a new SIM card tomorrow. Hopefully that will solve it.
I really don't mind EDGE except for the fact that anything less than 3G on Android and all voice call get route to voice mail
if EDGE is on and working.
New SIM card did the trick. I'm getting 3G now.
Thanks for your help sabwafare