PC Mobile Plans are pretty decent


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Jun 22, 2006
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There does not seem to be a PC Mobile forum? (like Solo & Virgin)
They have some very interesting plans that obviously are much better values than what Bell has (actually PC & Solo both seem better than Bell or Virgin...)

Bell $50 1000 local minutes + 150mb
PC $50 1000 national minutes + 1GB data
PC $65 is unlimited minutes & 2GB data

PC Mobile also does 18 (not 24) & 30 (not 36) month contracts and has lower hardware price than big3 or the flanker brands (& includes voicemail 10, where brands like Fido or Telus were voice mail 3)

Curious why no talk about them at all?
There's already a thread on this in the PC Mobile forum.
I could swear when I looked last week the plans weren't nationwide minutes but apparently they are. Seems like you get a $300 subsidy paid back in 30 months (2 and half years) on all the decent phones (S4, Nexus 4). So as far as contracts of that length go it's a pretty good price. Compared to Virgin it'd take 50 months to pay off a $300 tab on the $60 a month plan, so the extra $5 a month might be worth it. So seems like a good deal.

<add> I did alittle math, compared to Virgin it's a wash or slight difference on the $65 vs $60 plan, only comparing the $35 and $50 plans have an appreciable advantage for PCmobile. </add>
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PC Mobile postpaid is actually a Telus MVNO, not Bell.

Of course, at the moment it's the same difference when it comes to the network, but I suspect this means your PC Mobile postpaid SIM would work in a locked Telus device but not a locked Bell device.
Bell Loses Again :clapping:
Pc mobile in prepaid are bell
Pc mobile in postpaid are telus

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Really... yes... but not surprising... telus make the deal

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Plans took a major hit in services.
Changed again
$35 plan was $45
$50 plan had only 500 mb not 1 gig
$65 plan had only 1 gig not 2 gigs