Petro Wifi stopped once Web Browsing started


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Dec 31, 2012
Hello All,

I am thankful for the instructions on enabling the web-browsing however now Wifi doesn't work when I deselect "Use packet data" and attempt to select "Wi-Fi". It shows the word "Error" and will not allow the box to be selected.

Can anyone provide insight?
Thanks, Rie
I do not understand your question. Petro wifi stopped once web browser started? Huh? What model phone, what are you trying to do?
When I entered the correct APN no.s etc into the phone I was able to use the unlimited web-browising (Samsung Gio), however local wifi doesn't work. I did some more hunting and read that an application is required to switch between the two.
I am happy enough just to have the web-browsing.
Thanks for asking.