Pixel 6a for $20 full price, promo via BestBuy

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Oct 25, 2022
mod please move if there's a better place.

I have ordered three of these, had to go to an "appointment" in-store to get new numbers, online purchase requires port-in.

Will be delivered to the store 11/25 for me to pick up. No activation fee was mentioned, but had to sign up for postpaid, $40/mo x 3 lines. Said I wanted to open a whole new MyATT account.

Anyone know which specific plan this would be, how many GBs?

More importantly, if these Pixels turn out to be unlocked OOTB, I will want to avoid paying any more than absolutely necessary, ideally not even the first month ($120)

Online saw this
> I read on SlickDeals that people were able to waive the activation fee and prorated charge for service as long as they canceled within 3 days.

but can only find very old SD threads.

All links and suggestions welcome.
AT&T Chat re Best Buy promos, edited for length

AT&T : Hi, I'm your AT&T virtual assistant. What can I help you with today?

Me: human

Connected to live agent

Me: please tell me what's the status of my account, phone#**********

Me: I do not yet have the phone, scheduled to pick up at BestBuy 11/25

Me: Can I wait to activate? how long?

Jonar: May I have the order number?

Me: I have the BB order# only

Jonar: Your account will be activated once you activate the devices.

Me: No activation fee, correct?

Jonar: Yes, that is correct.

Me: And 14 days to cancel if service is not good or I do not like the phone?

Jonar: Correct

Me: What about keeping the phone, gets unlocked after 60 days?

Jonar: Precisely.

Me: Even if I canceled the service/line/number / plan?

Jonar: You need to keep your line active for 60 days for that.

Me: The minimum plan for 3 lines was $40/mo. What name plan? Can you link me to the plan details, how many GB at high speed etc?

Jonar: It seems that the plan is Unlimited Starter. ATT may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy.

Me: I will be out of the country, how long can I wait to activate?

Me: I do not want to start paying for service until I return, maybe Jan/Feb 2024

Jonar: If you got your phone on 11/25, it will start the charging your account

Me: Even if I do not open the box?

Me: I am talking about NOT activating until next year. Are you saying that is not possible?

Jonar: Once you received the phone, kindly activate it first to keep the line and the installment on your account.

Me: What do you mean, "installment"? I paid full price

Jonar: Ooooh sorry about that. I thought it is installment.

Me: I do not want to activate the line until I return from overseas.

Me: Or is there a "vacation hold" option?

Jonar: Yes, that is correct.

Jonar: There will be the Reduced Rate Suspension that will charge your line for $10/month instead of the plan charge.

Jonar: Once you go to vacation or go outside the country, kindly contact us back to put the line on Reduced Rate Suspension to suspend the line while you are outside the country.

Me: Yes I understand that. However as I stated I do not want to activate the line until I return from overseas.

Me: Just keep the box in shrinkwrap

Jonar: I totally understand that however it will automatically activate it after 7 days.

Jonar: And even though you didn't activate it, you will still charge for monthly charge since you accepted the terms and conditions while ordering the new device.

Me: Ah that is terrible. But I can cancel the line within 14 days of activation without owing anything. Then next year sign up for a new line?

Jonar: Correct.

Me: So again please confirm, canceling the line within 14 days of activation means not even paying the first month charge?

Jonar: Correct. You will not be charged for that as long as there are no usage on the line.
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> You need to keep your line active for 60 days for that.

Apparently this a lie, but of course the "SIM swap" method that bypasses that requirement could get shut down anytime
Maybe it's just me but I didn't get the feeling the CSR was being truthful at all.
Doesn't really matter.

Other than the point I mentioned (which is my favour), anything specific?

Lots of SlickDeal threads give me confidence I won't have to pay much extra in plan costs before getting them unlocked.

a. being Pixels, might be unlocked OOTB (not getting my hopes up but possible)

b. the "sim swap" method is very well supported by multiple users even recently, surprised ATT hasn't closed that loophole

c. just paying one month @40 on each line is not so bad

d. the vacation hold at $10/mo might work

Thread on SlickDeals

Here are some raw notes I've collected from other slickdeal threads on minimising ATT Postpaid plan costs while waiting the 60 days to unlock.

Not including my hopes on P6a being unlocked OOTB, or using vacation hold.

Other questions remaining:

Is it really true that the 60-days unlock clock keeps ticking even though the phone is no longer on an active plan? Rep said no must be 60-days of continuous service, but many SDers say this is false.

The 3-day vs 14-days clock starts counting after phone is "activated". Apparently ATT will trigger activation itself, might be day of order being placed, may be day of phone pickup, may be 7 days after either if those. In any case it seems the usual meaning of USER activation does not mean much in this scenario.

If it is true this deal does not charge an activation fee, the 3-day requirement becomes moot.

The 14-day window to cancel the plan charges requires no usage? That seems unreasonable.

This deal specific SD thread

What follows is copypasta from other older SD threads, mostly other models and not BB deals

just activation and port out within 3 days seems promising for unlock

After getting your phones, open and load them with the ATT sims for the first 24 hours.

get your ROM updating done at first, while still using the at&t sim in the locked phone, before starting the SIM swap process

Then call ATT and cancel the lines you don't need. If you cancel within 3 days, you won't be charged anything.

can submit a request as soon as the 60 days is done. You might not need service, even if service has stopped

require 60 days of service before they can unlock a fully paid device. Previously, it used to be right away if you have paid in full.

cancellation. have to wait till first month bill is generated?

getting billed for the whole first month + activation fee if past the 3 day window

If you cancel a line before 3 days it was active then the activation fee is waived. If you cancel it within 14 days from activation under buyers remorse then no bill is charged but activation fees need to be paid
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What follows is more copypasta from other older SD threads, mostly other models and not BB deals

This is about the "SIM swap" method, apparently works if the above ones don't, to avoid unnecessary plan charges during the 60-days unlocking period


important part is getting the new phone disassociated from the att plan. Verify the unlock status - unlock request # and imei - you can try twice before getting that 24hr lock. Put the sim back in the unlocked phone again and get the new phone off your account, then redo it

associate the phone with an active ATT account and then disassociate it and then request the unlock. So, I will suggest find a good ATT account and then put the SIM in this phone, make sure it shows up there and follow the SIM swap.

SIM Swap method can be used to unlock the device. This was working recently but not sure if ATT would fix it by the time you try it.

You will need an unlocked ATT whitelisted (or ATT locked) phone to put the SIM in and show up on your ATT account. should not cancel the account before you are able to unlock. follow the steps to do SIM swap and then request an unlock code from ATT website. They will send the code in the email

The steps are as follows.
a. Pay in full for the phone. While your payment will quickly reflect in your account it will be at least a few hours before it updates for the unlock request.

b. When you receive the phone activate it on ATT with the SIM provided. Make sure it shows up on myATT app/in the web so ATT knows and registers the IMEI in the network. Then put the SIM in another phone, unlocked and AT&T whitelisted, reboot, make some calls and make sure this unlocked phone is now showing under the line in app/web portal.

c. Now go to ATT unlock portal incognito browser https://www.att.com/deviceunlock/ and then choose not an ATT customer different name and email from my account, click the option "I don't have an at&t phone number" so you can use the IMEI of ATT phone and submit an unlock request. DO NOT attempt more than twice or you will be blocked for 24 hours.

d. Confirm the unlock request email and receive the unlock code. Don't put the sim back into the new phone before you get the phone unlocked.

e. Only cancel the line / plan after you have successfully tested the phone is unlocked

can also port out your number (to tello for $5) to cancel

references (not the only ones I parsed)


Online with port in, the lowest plan offered is $60

Was testing port in’s

FreedomPop failed
TracFone passed
If your BestBuy is close, no need to port a number in if you're willing to make two trips.
Definitely the Starter Unlimited plan is the cheapest BB offers, if you are getting three phones apparently gets down close to $40/line/mo.

I think that will end up being irrelevant, at least if one of the methods to avoid plan costs works.