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May 9, 2016
After being with TF for a very long time (since TDMA days) I've decided to switch to other company.
What do I need to do? Just get porting PIN, texting NTP to support? How long it's valid?
Do I need to know my account number, and if so, where to find it?
The other thing to check is the zip code that Tracfone has listed for your device. One of our phones was switched to Miami at some point without our knowledge, possibly in an AT&T to Verizon conversion. You can find the zip code in the online account, click manage lines, then device and it will show the zip code at the bottom of the page.

And yes, you do need your account number, which is likely your IMEI. You can text FOUR to 611611 to get the last 4 digits of your account number to confirm. I thought I read the NTP was good for 3 days, but that is unconfirmed. Also, give the NTP some time to arrive. I requested one in My Account. When it didn't come, I requested by texting NTP. Then, I ended up with two and used the wrong one.
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There is this other way to determine your account number but I'm not sure if it still works. You can do this in the event you get a strange unknown number back when you text four to 611611 that is not the last 4 of IMEI or sim of device.

I just tested it - it does work.

I do it like this:

First I log in to my Tracfone account with the Chrome browser. You can use another browser.

I head over to manage lines and select the line that will be ported out - the line I want to know the "account number" of.

Then in a white space right there on the page I right click with the mouse and select "inspect" from the context menu that pops up. It's on the bottom.


This opens up a split screen with two windows in the browser with the account on the left and the Inspect element on the right.

First thing I do is click 'Check Usage" on the left side where the account is. This will bring up the balance of the line on the left.

Then after, on the right side in the Inspect element window, I choose "Network" and make sure Fetch/XHR is selected:


Then I click on that balance?account url in the shot above.

This opens up the webpigateway url to the right of it and the "account number" is listed in it after "identifier="XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
(with the X's being the account number).


So with my line texting four gives me last four of IMEI and that's what that image above shows, the full IMEI.

My understanding is sometimes you text four and it returns an unknown number, not the IMEI or sim of device.

The technique above can reveal the full number.
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IIRC the "random unknown" account number issue might be a leftover ICCID or IMEI from the initial activation

in cases where their systems don't properly pull down the new identifiers from subsequent phones/SIMs on that line.
Alex the Bot says that I have to dial *#060# to get my account number.
It shows me IMEI and MEID.

Phone shows me ICCID.

Account number obtained by tomseys method is ICCID without 89014 prefix (ATT SIM). FOUR text gives me last four digits of ICCID.

So Alex message is probably misleading.
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So Alex message is probably misleading.
Nothing surprising about that. Alex is a bot. Dialing *#060# does NOT give the TF Account Number.
When I ported two TF numbers to Tello, the account # was the phone's IMEI.

I texted to 611611 (customer service) to get the port pin and it came fairly fast.

The port proceeded quickly, within a few minutes the # was ported and in use.

I believe NTP was what I texted to 611611 to get the PIN.

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