SIM card ICCID madness


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Aug 22, 2022
Apparently Google does things different than others?

Turns out they have 2 different "types" of SIMs. One does voice/data/text and is made in Germany with an ICCID I've never seen before.

The other is a TMO ICCID and only does data. But also uses an ICCID I've never seen "8901260..."

What is going on here? For sure the TMO SIM is cheaper than the company they use in Germany. And how/why does USCC and TMO allow foreign SIMs on their network if they come from Google?

Do both SIM types switch between USCC and TMO? Or only the fancy one from Germany does the TMO/USCC switcharoosky? Is the "260" ICCID prefix for carrier a special one dedicated to TMO/USCC switching?

Also, the ICCID printed on their physical SIMs is a smaller version of their "SIM ID" which looks like this "8904903210000999000009762XXXXXXX". But the physical imprint on the data only SIMs are:

So confused, but more curious.
Also, forgot to mention that on the physical imprint of the data only SIM, the last 2 digits aren't printed. Why?
I dunno but those details are all irrelevant.

Each line is anchored by one active T&T line per gMail account.

Then that line can deploy 4 Data Only SIMs for free, using the same $10/GB data pool, charged $60 max all cut off at the same ceiling.