SIM swapping still safe?

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Jul 26, 2017
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I activated my most recent H20 SIM June 2021 with a number ported from Number Barn. I activated it in a locked AT&T Smartflip 4052R, then later migrated the SIM to an AT&T locked LG Neon Plus 2. Both are on the AT&T Whitelist.

Is it still safe to swap SIMs between H20 phones? Or is there a risk of the system detecting it and deactivating the SIM, potentially losing the number?

I currently need a flip phone again as well as my two smartphones I keep on TracFone.

Has anyone swapped in the last few weeks without negative consequences?

I used to swap H20 SIMs and AT&T SIMs between phones depending on what type of phone I needed to use at the time. I even swapped an H20 SIM into a TracFone that ran on an AT&T SIM in 2017 and used it.

Thank you if anyone can answer my question.

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Yes you should be fine to try and see.

No provider actually punishes its users for trying.

Worst case call in to CS after testing if it fails.
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I don't want to risk trying it with this telephone number. If it was one H20 had randomly issued, no problem, if the SIM got deactivated I could get another.

This is a number I bought from Number Barn because it was extremely easy to remember. Not "515-5151" but along those lines. I plan on using it on H20 as my main after my main account on TracFone expires if I have trouble porting out.

The H20 account is due for refill May 2nd so I have to spend $10 anyway but I'm not sure it's worth the risk. Things could be fine for a few days then one morning boot up and find the SIM isn't working.

SIM swapping is one reason I liked AT&T service but now with Whitelisting limitations I'm not sure if SIM swapping is okay anymore either.

If I asked an H20 CSR if it was okay they might not know and just say no.

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BTW, I asked the SIM question awhile back and the only answer I got was from someone who attempted it into a non whitelisted phone. The SIM worked a few minutes then quit. They said the service worked again when the SIM was installed back to the original whitelisted phone.

The flip I want to put the SIM in is whitelisted. It was the one I activated the SIM in before moving it to the current whitelisted phone.

I would say therefore it should be okay to try it, but just not sure of the predictability of these cellphone services.

I have two of the AT-T 4052R smarflips, so I might be better off just activating a new SIM in the other one-- except I don't want nor need another tel #. I have four already including a Google Voice number.

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I don't want to risk trying it with this telephone number.

There is absolutely no risk of you losing your number.

> If I asked an H20 CSR if it was okay they might not know and just say no.

Yes that is likely.

Seriously just try it and see.

> now with Whitelisting limitations I'm not sure if SIM swapping is okay anymore either.

AT&T has had whitelisting restrictions for years now, that has nothing to do with SIM swapping.

Check your target phone first if you want, activate on any AT&T based provider, if it works with one - and is not networked locked - then it works on any.
I thought it over and decided to try the swap because the target phone was the one I activated the SIM in, AND it's whitelisted.

The smartflip received the texts that said it was being configured for WAP browsing GPRS, MMS GPRS and internet browsing GPRS.

It's hours later and it's still in service. Hopefully it'll stay that way. If the SIM quits service, I'll try to return it to the LG Neon Plus and see if it works again.

I wanted at least one flip on hand for a pocket call box when a smartphone wasn't necessary, particularly outdoors when the flip screen is easier to read and the physical dial pad is too.

Five bars service inside of a concrete block building where Tracfone-VZ isn't as strong, so outdoors the H2O-AT&T service has got to be gr8.

PagePlus paygo is 4 months for about the same price as H20 for 3 months, and I do have some flips I could activate on PP, but it runs on Verizon.

Eventually I will probably try one of H20's annual plans. The UT&T for $5/mo would be ok because I mostly use WiFi for browsing.

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So far the AT&T smart flip I swapped the SIM into still has service, but then the SIM was activated in the flip.

The phone probably has to be AT&T whitelisted and AT&T branded but not necessarily unlocked.

It might work in a phone that isn't AT&T branded but one that's whitelisted AND unlocked from the carrier it was on, or, factory unlocked.

Although I've put an H20 SIM in a TracFone that was running on a TF- AT&T SIM, that was years ago and TracFone isn't as friendly to any but TF- Verizon SIMs now. I didn't leave the H20 SIM in the TF very long just in case TF's system detected it.

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You really are overthinking.

There is no bad consequence to swapping SIMs, so long as you are not violating the terms of a subsidy agreement. Even then not in practice.

Worst case it just doesn't work.

Leave it in, no harm done...
SIM swapping with TracFone-Verizon can sometimes have unwanted consequences, but AT&T based service has usually been swap friendly since I first had a GoPhone back around 2006.

The Nokia TracFone I had back then didn't have a SIM, but it ran on Verizon service. I think SIM-less cells could be reactivated without the issue of expired SIMs and having to get a new one.

I also had some Virgin Mobile/Sprint 2g phones back then (still have them but of course not activated). I have some photos on the Kyocera Wildcard I would like to save but it doesn't have Bluetooth to send files, just for pairing headsets.

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