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Nov 1, 2008
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Did anyone switch to the simply unlimited plan? If so, do you plan on keeping this plan?
I just switched to Google fi. I did try the 20 unlimited. If you use no data this is a great plan. I had been with straight talk.. my 20 plan turned into 130.. 10$ per gig used I switched to the 65 comes with everything. My sister uses it and loves it

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Aren't there better alternatives? What's the allure?
gFi is competitive only for

very low data usage but UNL T&T on Flex, ~$20/mo but if you need a bit more occasionally no need to prepay or switch or anything

SIMs are free can just keep a dozen of each type on hand, very convenient. eSIMs work great, better than any other MVNO so far. Very easy to swap devices and being TMO based very wide BYOP compatibility.

Data-only lines are free, four added devices per voice line. My family uses TextNow for T&T so five lines fir the above price.

Generating a new line is pro-rated, so anytime I want to port over to take advantage of another provider's promo it's easy, instant, very reliable, works with all of them and ends up costing just a few bucks.

International roaming works well, again no need to do anything

so long as you keep data consumption low, and your time abroad per trip is limited compared to your longevity as a domestic user. Using a lical data SIM / hotspot etc and sticking to WiFi calling with your gFi USA number you likely can still go for months if not indefinitely.

Finally, the subsidised phone deals can be great, short payback time requirement, devices are not network locked, I've collected dozens of decent phones for $50-100 each over the years.
Aren't there better alternatives? What's the allure?

Going to Asia with Fi, I was getting over 100 Mbps underground on the subway with no extra fees. Just turn on your phone when you get off the plane and you're set. If international travel in is your future, Fi is the way to go.