Smartwatch with a physical sim slot

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Apr 4, 2014
Does anyone have a recommendation for a Smartwatch that can use a physical sim so that it can function as a standalone device. I currently have a Bluetooth Samsung Active 2. It is a great Smartwatch and I recommend it. I don’t have the Lte version because I don’t want want the pricy plan that would entail. However I have a prepaid Tracfone sim and would like to play with it in a Smartwatch.

Has anyone done this? I see lots of options using an eSim but I’m not going there. I need a watch that can use the physical sim that I have. This is more an experiment and I don’t expect the quality that I have in my Active 2.
I have used my Samsung S3 smartwatch without a SIM or a monthly cost since I bought my Samsung Galaxy S7 phone almost 5 years ago. I can make and receive calls on the watch as long as I am close enough to make a Bluetooth connection to my current phone. Some carriers do require monthly billed feature/plan, but I was never required by Sprint or my current carrier T-mobile. Most smartwatches that do use a SIM, typically are eSIM and there is no need to install or remove it. This helps the watch maintain water resistance.

There is little room inside a watch for a physical SIM card that can be easily accessed and I doubt that you will find one as you want.
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Yes, my Active 2 works very well with my Galaxy S9. I’m not looking to replace it. What I’m looking for is more in the lines of a gadget to play with since I have the sim.
Your best bet will be to go with a Chinese branded watch that covers your LTE bands. I would recommend Kospet or Lemfo as their quality control is very good. Zeblaze is another popular brand but I have read many negative comments regarding QC. YMMV. These watches run full android (not Wear OS) with full access to the Play store. For a really good overview/review of what's out there you might check out Smartwatch Ticks on youtube. Hope that helps.