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Mar 24, 2014

this company claims there technology will work with existing cellular handset including indoors.

my understanding for years has been the laws of physics and limits of technology just does not make indoor connection to small antennas possible from that far away, especially from fast moving LEO satellites. but even AT&T seems to find them legit:

but if it really works as they say why only for dead spot coverage, at&t would be needed no more.

anyone more knowledgeable on the subject care to chime in ?
Interesting, though there'd still be latency on data even with low orbiting satellites.
They don't mention how much more a call via these satellite would cost the subscriber compared to terrestial calls.
According to they made a successful call via satellite to a normal cell via 2G in Febuary.
AST claims their network will work indoors as well, something that was a problem with normal sat service.
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"The technology is highly proprietary, and exactly how it works cannot be disclosed."
Balderdash. If they can't explain how it works, they'll never get a license to operate it.
"No, our proprietary technology enables access to SpaceMobile from any location — even inside — regardless of visibility to the satellites on orbit."
Yeah. Right. We've found a way to violate the laws of physics. The only way to do this is to orbit hundreds of massive satellites (e.g. one ton) in low earth orbit.

I'll believe it when I see details.

"For its operational constellation, AST & Science needs much bigger satellites. They will be larger than the 860-kilogram Iridium Next mobile telephony and data satellites, Avellan said."
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Yea that part sounds immpossible without some ground towers or relays, the test lynk did was outside in the falkland islands.
My back-of-the-envelope calculation says they'll need to orbit at least 250, one-ton satellites to make it a go. Even then, you'll end up using a BlueTooth headset while holding the phone over your head to make it work. Most people don't realize how much RF energy is absorbed by one's head. It would be a lot easier if modern cell phones had external antenna jacks.
Doesn't Steve Carell use that phone service on his current Netflix show ??:hehehe:
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