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May 8, 2016
Rogers currently offers a $105 plan here in BC which provides 150GB of 5G+ data (reduced speeds thereafter), all your expected calling features and it includes unlimited calls to/from Canada, USA & Mexico with the latter country not incurring any additional roaming which is, IMO, a game changer for those travelling and saving the $16 daily roaming while in Mexico.

Fingers crossed that in due time, Telus & Bell will offer the same plan. Currently, both Telus and Bell are sticking with Canada, USA and have not hinted at adding Mexico; but... if Rogers is doing it along with Freedom Mobile having the same plan with a 50GB data bucket for $65, here's hoping to it only being a matter of time before the other primary carriers follow.

I have been doing some testing with all 3 carriers using both a Samsung S23 Ultra 512GB and iPhone 14 Pro Max 1TB and after reviewing some threads here and feedback from others on varying forums, would like to know why 5G+ speeds differ so greatly?

Here in Vancouver, BC, I have SIM cards provisioned with all 3 carriers on the $105 plan. With Telus & Bell, the MAX DL speed I get is between a 17s to 28s ping with a 180Mbps download and with Rogers, I usually see a 12s ping with a 400Mbps - 600Mbps download.

I know Telus & Bell share each others towers. I'm thinking the lack of speed is a Telus issue as those in the East Coast using Telus or Bell are reporting lightning fast speeds like what I'm seeing with Rogers. Obviously out East, you're connecting with a Bell tower so that would make sense but how can Telus advertise 5G+ speeds yet these speeds are paltry in comparison?

I spoke with the Telus technical team but got a "canned response" saying there's multiple factors such as time of day (peak times), how many people are on a specific tower etc... but is still doesn't provide solid details as to why Rogers is usually 3 - 4 times faster in data performance. When I travelled to Toronto last week, all devices with SIMS performed optimal with a minimum 600Mbps with all three carriers hitting a peak of 900Mbps+ at specific times.

Seems like out here in the West, Telus is throttling speeds or has poor network integration for their 5G+ network.

Anyone else noticing this or have feedback? I initially thought it may have been a device setting but if I'm getting the desired speeds out East and Telus technical support is giving a haphazard answer, seems more like a West Coast network issue IMO.
5G+ is a phone icon implementation which means you are using n78.

Depending on the channel bandwidth, signal quality and combo being used, speeds results will vary.

Each spectrum market is different. Calgary has slow n78 speeds (30 + 40 MHz) whereas Edmonton is very fast (100 + 30 MHz).
I would agree with @sheytoon and these tests seem far from scientific... Telus generally has very good speeds. Check signal strengths, involved bands, etc.
I was seeing some really good speeds tonight while roaming on Telus with my AT&T line(U.S.). This was taken at the Blue Water Bridge between Port Huron and Sarnia and was wondering if anyone has seen a combo like this in Canada ?? I've never seen 4 SCC's on NSA posted on Reddit or anywhere else. From my S23 Ultra.

I haven't seen 2-7-7-13-66 before, but I've seen 2-7-7-29-66, although it was only LTE, not with n66.
Interesting. I have seen B29 but in a different area along the St Clair River. I was surprised I didn't see any n78 there, but I'm sure they will deploy it at some point.
Sarnia is in the 2 year protection period for 3500 MHz. n78 for mobile traffic can be deployed soon (December 17).
Sarnia is in the 2 year protection period for 3500 MHz. n78 for mobile traffic can be deployed soon (December 17).

Nice, that will be a great capacity boost on the networks there. I've tested AT&T and Verizon mid band here in Michigan and speeds are great. I've hit 2.37 Gbps on VZW with 160 MHz n77.
I recently switched back to Telus and the fastest I've gotten on 5G is about 300Mbps. The plan promises 5G+ at up to 2Gpbs. I find I get more consistent results on the 4G network though (e.g. 4G I'll get 60Mbps whereas on 5G I might get 20Mbps). I also have a Rogers phone for work, but unfortunately it is not 5G capable.
Yeah their 2Gbps is probably while standing right next to a tower with the fastest bands and a flagship

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