Unlocking fi handsets?

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Aug 9, 2003
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According to fi's home page, do phones come unlocked, but when I try another carrier's sim, it appears locked to whatever.

Is there a time frame for unlocking. Can someone explain the procedure. Thanks

You can have an unlocked phone, but that doesn't mean that your new carrier has to accept it. The Cricket forum is has a thread where people have been complaining about the new policy where phones that were eligible to be used on Cricket a month ago are now no longer able to be activated according to their website. People have taken sim cards out of their Cricket branded phone, put it into a phone that they used before on Cricket and it didn't work after the change was made. Whenever this has come up in the past, it was not a Fi issue, but one with the new company. Your best bet it to contact your current provider's customer care online or on the phone.
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All phones sold by Google Fi or the Google store are unlocked. There were a couple of older posts out there where folks were mistakenly sent Verizon version Pixels but it was corrected by customer service.
Thanks, for some reason acted locked, then it worked just fine.