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H2O AutoPay gone berserk with excess charges

Is H2O Wireless still checking into this forum? AutoPay on my $10 Pay As You Go account has gone berserk this year, charged my credit card for 8 consecutive weeks from 9/21 to 11/8 with only one email notification, pushed last day of service out to 11/9/23. I found out about the 8 payments after reviewing my credit card statement, and cancelled AutoPay on 11/12. It looks like all charges were credited to my account balance, but the 8 payments would have covered service into June 2024 with my normal usage and account balance always above $0. I contacted H2O live chat 3 times on 11/12 about this with no response, only one request for my mobile phone number. I'll cancel this account after 11/9/23, or if I find a new AutoPay charge on my credit card.
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