Will Picture Messaging Work On Pay Per Use For A Fee?


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Aug 28, 2007
Bell Prepaid
Will picture messaging work on pay per use, for a fee, without adding a monthly plan?
(Eg. Attaching a photo from my phone into a text message, then sending the message to a friends e-mail address. MMS?).

The pay per use website shows the wording, "incoming standard texts free, outgoing standard texts within Canada .15 cents each"... I cannot find if picture messaging works for an added fee. Anyone have experience with this?

The monthly plan website shows, "unlimited international text, picture and video messaging".
I don't use the phone enough to add a monthly plan.
I am not sure if this helps. I am on a 15 buck unlimited text plan that includes picture messaging. Small problem. Picture messaging does not work. I call their support rep and he said that I have to have a data connection. Yup. I don't get how they have an unlimited plan, with picture messaging, but data is required. Keep in mind the rep said wifi would work but I haven't had luck getting it to work as of yet.